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o been greatly improved.
In addition, Szebiak and Richardson played steadily on the perimeter.
Therefore, after 7 bloody battles with Coyotes, McGrady received a call from Kobe next door.
“Oh, is this a call from double-one guard Tracy McGrady Mai, who was eliminated by the Timberwolves in the Eastern Conference semifinals?”
After a week of depression, on this day, Kobe finally ushered in his revenge. .
In the Western Conference semifinals on the other side, the Lakers didn’t give Van Gundy and his Grizzlies any chance.
The young sister-in-law couldn’t stop O’Neill’s huge body.
Baron Davis was also impulsive to the steel fortress composed of Kidd and Kobe.
After entering the playoffs, in order to be able to win another championship, Kidd, who scored himself into the third team in the regular season, once again demonstrated the strength of his league’s first point guard.
And Toronto, while preparing for the Eastern
Conference Finals 南京炮网 with the Digital Man, after watching the Lakers’ recent game, Su Feng knew that at this moment it is far from the time to chant “Raptors Championship” in advance.
Because under the halberd of Kidd,
for the Raptors,
who have swept the Lakers twice in the Finals, if they can successfully advance to the Finals this year, what they will face in the Finals will be A very different team from the Lakers they have beaten.
Of course, before looking forward to the finals,
Su Feng also has to win this round of “Chinese Derby” and “Brother Derby” with Xiao Yao and Iverson.
According to the schedule, the g1 game between the Raptors and the Digital Man will start on May 22.
Before the start of this year’s event, the most eye-catching thing in the market is probably the draft lottery held on the 21st.
As in Su Feng’s memory, the Cavaliers 南京品茶网 won the No. 1 lottery as a fate.
The Nuggets also like to raise the second pick.
As for Su Feng’s first choice this summer, the
Miami Heat won the lottery.
ps: Let’s start with the entire 5000-character chapte