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neither used magic nor the Warriors.
The reason the Warriors can win is simple. 南京龙凤网
That is, as in his own memory, with Nowitzki, Finley, Terry, Divac, Walker, Kidd, the Mavericks coach Junior General Johnson did not know what it means to be flexible.
In the regular season, the Mavericks, which has the league’s most luxurious pitcher group, averaged only 15.6 three-pointers per game.
The reason they were finally able to get the second place in the Western Conference, in Su Feng’s view, has nothing to do with the defensive genes he injected into the Mavericks as “little general” Johnson.
Simply because their lineup can crush most teams in this league.
As a result, in the playoffs, when facing the Warriors led by Sr. Nelson, “Little General” Johnson used his strength to prove to the world
what it means to give you a peach, you will not pick it.
Because the old Nelson knew Nowitzki very well, after the Warriors made 南京炮网 targeted arrangements for Nowitzki, Johnson did not adjust his tactics and strategies in time.
In fact, as long as the Mavericks and the Warriors run together, all of the old Nelson’s conspiracies and conspiracies will be self-defeating.
Because looking at the entire league, in terms of offensive firepower, no team really can compete with this Mavericks.
It’s a pity that the Mavericks always thought it was because of Johnson, who did not defend well. To the death, he didn’t want to understand why the Mavericks, who were ranked in the forefront of the league in points per game in the regular season, couldn’t defend this Warrior.
In Su Feng’s previous life, many Larry Browns liked to compare him with “Little General” Johnson.
But in Su Feng’s eyes,
this was definitely the worst time Larry Brown was hacked.
Because compared to Larry Brown, including Van Gundy, Johnson is obviously the coach who has no ink in his stomach and is always self-righteous.
In the future, after being swept out by the Mavericks, Johnson is not without the opportunity to prove himself again.