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after Yi Jianlian was promoted to the first team, the Guangdong team already had Du Feng’s relationship at the power forward position, so the Guangdong team had always used the idea of ??cultivating Du Feng to cultivate Yi Jianlian.
However, that style is not suitable for Yi Jianlian in Su Feng’s eyes.
Because if Yi Jianlian can receive American training 南京炮网 in advance and start with the basic skills of dribbling, then in terms of his talent, his way of playing in the future will not be so rigid.
Therefore, Su Feng feels that since the encounter between himself and Yi Jianlian is a fate
, whether it is because of his future Olympic plans or his feelings for Chinese basketball, he wants to try to make Yi Jianlian survive in this world. , There are more choices.
Of course, the destiny thing is just like Su Feng can’t guarantee that Xiao Yao’s early election will get worse.
Therefore, he will not forcefully change Yi Jianlian’s things like what some kindergarten writers wrote. The fate of the player. (Yes, I’m talking about the silly batch of water eggplant! Righteous! Humph!)
In short, whether it is the suggestion or the soul chicken soup, Su Feng should do it, and the things he wants to 南京水磨会所 do have already been done.
As for how Yi Jianlian will choose.
Then it’s up to him.
And just as Su Feng said the phrase “I am waiting for you in the NBA” to Yi Jianlian while in
front of the TV, Yi Jianlian’s parents who were watching the game were already in entanglement.
Although for a while, Yi’s father 南京夜生活论坛 and Yi’s mother hadn’t figured out how Yi Jianlian got the ticket to watch the game on the spot, but
the influence and lethality of Su Feng’s words was really too great.
Because he was born as an athlete, Yi’s father and mother, who knew that athletes would suffer after retirement, actually didn’t want Yi Jianlian to follow the path of athletes like them.
However, like fate, Su Feng’s previous life, under the excavation of Dai Yixin, Yi Jianlian finally embarked on the path of athlet